Glitter Chimp DIY Single Cup Turner 2.0 Basic Builder Kit Plus Brass Motor Attachment

Glitter Chimp DIY Single Cup Turner 2.0 Basic Builder Kit Plus Brass Motor Attachment

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These kits are super easy to assemble in about 2 minutes. All you need is a Phillip's head screwdriver, a knife, and a 5/64 or 2mm hex key, also known as a Alan wrench.


To get the motor, check out the amazon links below. 

Our 2.0 Cup Turners are a custom compact design that is laser cut with a high quality wood fiberboard. Once assembled, these turners are super sturdy and very quiet. They are also adjustable in length. 

This design is precut and compatible with not only rotisserie motors with the plastic housings, but also the un-housed motors that are sold on Amazon for about $7.00. So you now have a choice on what motor you want to use. Typically you are going to want a motor that spins at around 2.5 to 3 RPM's

Here are your two options for motors below, either of these types will work, but the motor without the housing will need to be wired. The rotisserie motor type is wired and just has to be slightly disassembled to install the brass adapter for attaching the PVC pipe parts. 

Rotisserie Motor for cup turner2.5-3rpm AC motor


Option 1: $19 to $21 Easiest option

For the motor you will need to purchase it separately, Amazon seems to have best prices here: WITH HOUSING AND POWER CORD:

Option 2: $7 to $8 plus wiring parts. 


For arms/wands. Just use a schedule 40 1/2" PVC pipe coupling from Lowe's or Home Depot and a 1/2" PVC pipe. You can usually make two PVC arms for about $2.00. Here is the product commonly used:

The assembly video can be found here: 


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