Glitter Chimp DIY 3 Cup Turner Basic Builder Kit
Glitter Chimp DIY 3 Cup Turner Basic Builder Kit

Glitter Chimp DIY 3 Cup Turner Basic Builder Kit

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These kits are super easy to assemble in about 15-20 minutes. All you need to do in interlock the parts and attach the motors. Also make sure to purchase the PVC pipe adapters which can be found here or you can chose to make your own. These can also work with our brass adapters found here.

To get the motors for these kits. Click Here!

Our DIY 3 Cup Turners are a custom design that is laser cut with a high quality Baltic Birch plywood. Once assembled, these turners are super sturdy and very quiet.

This design is precut and compatible with rotisserie motors with the plastic housings, for those really budget minded, you can also use the un-housed motors that are sold on Amazon for about $7.00. You'll need to add those mounting holes yourself if using the unhoused motors. So you now have a choice on what motor you want to use. *Typically you are going to want a motor that spins at around 2.5 to 5 RPM's

Here are your two options for motors below, either of these types will work, but the motor without the housing will need to be wired and holes added to the kit with a drill bit. The rotisserie motor type is wired and just has to be slightly disassembled by removing the black mounting plate and using the screws that come with the motor to mount the motor to the turner. 


*Glitter Chimp has started carrying the motors with the housings as of Late October 2020. Click here here to purchase!

Rotisserie Motor for cup turner2.5-3rpm AC motor




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